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Join The Largest Network of Digital Marketing Experts in Belgium

The brainchild of a meeting between five digital marketing experts, the Digital Managers Club (DMC) has been increasingly successful since its launch in May 2013.

With more than 300 confirmed members (and more than 500 pending membership requests), the DMC is a professional group that brings together digital marketing experts working in all areas of the sector: advertisers, agencies, sales, media agencies, e-commerce, etc.

The DMC was founded on members sharing experiences and expertise in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Every month, the DMC organizes an exclusive event featuring a talk by a leading industry figure.

How can I apply?

Professionals who want to join the DMC must apply to join the official LinkedIn group, which is the central hub for the whole registration process.

After passing this step, their application must then be approved by a board consisting of 11 industry representatives (advertising, agencies and sales). This cooptation process guarantees that the group admits only the highest-quality members to ensure a first-class audience for both existing members and sponsors. When you’re allowed to enter DMC, you know you join people with significant and widely recognized achievements.

Looking forward to welcoming you in our community!

Alain, Fred, Christer, Olivier & Fabien.